The beginnings of our sport center go back to 1990, when we built two tennis courts and a small lodge with a bar and sanitary facilities. The center was previously run as a winery of the vineyard farm Dopler-Krsnik.

In 1994, our sport center got its biggest addition. We built two squash courts and a table tennis hall with new sanitary facilities.

In the next years we expanded the restaurant part several times and built a new kitchen. Every year we try to expand our offer with new facilities, picnic places, terraces and more.


Pavel (“Pavli”) spends most of his time working as a civil engineer and managing the resort. Together with his son Primož, they designed, engineered and built the holiday houses.


Tatjana (“Pika”) was a 9 time Yugoslavian youth champion in table tennis. After she retired from table tennis, she opened the sports centre – Šport Park Krsnik – in 1990, with the help of her family. Over the years, it slowly grew from only two tennis courts to what it is today, with the holiday houses as the latest addition. Pika spends most of her time managing the sports centre and the holiday houses with the help of her daughter Pija.


Primož has a master’s degree in architecture from TU Graz and is together with his father, the main designer and engineer behind the holiday houses. His passion is bridge design, model making and 3D printing. He is also responsible for the resorts online presence.


Pija graduated from College of hospitality and tourism in Maribor. She is also a tennis player with few titles as a national champion.